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Craft toys for children

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Kraft children's toys — a great gift not only for a child

Most parents believe that it's better not the quantity, but the quality of the gifts that the child plays with. You can choose several interesting, bright toys that actively develop imagination, creative thinking, curiosity, fine motor skills. Online store «IT'S CRAFT» gives a great opportunity: Kraft toys for children to buy in Ukraine, we present the original author's products from the Ukrainian masters. By the way, the toys presented in this section will be a great gift not only for a child, but also for an adult.

Peculiarities of choosing Kraft toys

The word «Kraft» itself means products made by hand or with the use of author's technologies and techniques. This definition fully reflects the content of the «IT'S CRAFT» store. Each toy is created from environmentally friendly, safe materials, with attention to the smallest details.

According to the material of manufacture, toys can be classified into several categories:

  • textile (three-dimensional figures, pillows);
  • wooden (figurines, puzzles);
  • sets of stamps;
  • kits for scribbles;
  • mechanical models.

Surprisingly comfortable soft toys

Handmade textile toys, which depict figures of various animals, are in particular demand. Such products can be used not only as toys, but also refined elements of the interior. For sewing such toys are used cotton, lace, ribbons. Filling is created from hypoallergenic materials. Eyes, nose and small parts are painted with environmentally friendly paints. The hands and feet of these figures move.

Another great gift for child and adult — a toy, crocheted from plush thread. Filling — hollofiber of high quality. Soft, delicate and gentle toy can be used for games, as a ritual for babies to fall asleep.

You can also choose a version of the soft toy, made in pillow format. Sleeping on such a toy is very pleasant, comfortable and, most importantly, safe.

An original element of the interior decor will be a textile toy «Scandinavian gnome». Such figures are presented in different colors, so that you can choose the optimal gamut.

Maximum safety and creative toys made of natural wood

Although the market is overflowing with toys made of synthetic materials, most parents return to the natural, namely wood. In the store «IT'S CRAFT» there are many toys made of natural wood, which can be a great gift for a child, an element of interior — in the house of adults.

Such dual functionality is characterized by a figurine of a horse, presented in different colors. Our ancestors worshipped the horse as a symbol of life, because without that animal there would be no way to plow the land or plant seeds. Figurines are created from natural spruce, which grew and formed fibers for decades, soaking up the energy of the sun.

The wood is used to create creativity stamps — small figurines that will help create original patterns on fabric. In addition to stamps, the set includes sponges, paints and textile napkins.

A real decoration of the store's collection are wooden puzzles depicting various fairy-tale characters, floral compositions.

The main difference of these puzzles is that no detail is repeated here. Each puzzle is a double puzzle, but you can find out only when you collect all the elements. Such a gift would be a perfect choice for a family evening, because the puzzle can be assembled by both children and adults.

Wooden cubes with letters — a great gift for a kid from 1 year old. Very young children will be able to build towers out of the cubes, a variety of structures, a little older children can learn letters.

Another option for a puzzle — a mechanical 3D model that moves, you only need to twist the handle.

These and other great Kraft toys for kids and adults are waiting for you in the «IT'S CRAFT» store.