50% of the profit goes to the Its Сraft charity fund
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This is Kraft - a shop of craft goods in Ukraine

We offer natural and healthy food products from small producers, souvenirs and interior items made of raw materials - wood, wool, glass, ceramics, dolls, paintings and aesthetic trinkets for the comfort and beauty of your life. You can also buy beauty and health products from local Ukrainian raw materials at IT'S CRAFT.

IT'S CRAFT is a social enterprise.

Our mission is to develop human potential in the field of creative industries, craft production, art, revival and modernization of the cultural heritage of Ukraine.

To implement the mission, we give 50% of the profit to the charity foundation IT'S CRAFT, which has support programs for crafters, artisans, writers and artists.

The remaining 50% of the profit goes to the organizational development of our social enterprise.

Online store «IT'S CRAFTt» is a trading platform of Craft products, which are produced by private craftsmen (artisans) small (local) enterprises throughout Ukraine.

Who would be interested in Craft products from our store?

We offer to buy high-quality products provided by private producers from all regions of Ukraine. Craft products in the assortment of our store will be especially interesting to people:

  • who likes to learn new things;
  • caring about their health;
  • leading a healthy lifestyle;
  • preferring quality goods;
  • supporting the development of small business in the country;
  • who respect the history and value the culture of Ukraine;
  • who support social enterprises.

Only natural raw materials are used for the manufacture of Craft products, from which goods and products of the highest quality and usefulness for the human body are produced.

We offer souvenirs, accessories and interior items made of natural natural materials.

What kind of Craft products does the «IT'S CRAFT» store offer?

Our store offers for purchase authentic products of domestic artisans and craftsmen:

  • healthy and tasty food, made by unique techniques and recipes from the best — natural raw materials (cheese, wine, sweets, meat, sausages, sauces, confitures, snacks);
  • Craft souvenirs — author's articles of unique shape and design;
  • unique items for interior decoration, made from natural raw materials — candlesticks, geographic maps, etc;
  • authentic handmade goods (dolls, author's crockery, coasters and other items);
  • accessories for stylish people — jewelry, leather goods, scarves;
  • cosmetics, containing only natural components;
  • goods for children — toys, designers, puzzles, games for development;
  • Craft drinks — dry wine, wine on honey and berries, designer drinks;
  • Craft products for health — products based on Sivash mud, Ukrainian essential oils and hydrolates.

We always introduce our new customers to the products presented at our store, we offer products of high demand and introduce the novelties of the assortment, products that have a charitable contribution — for this purpose, pay attention to the marks on goods like «Bestseller», «New», «Charity». You can choose Craft products for yourself, as well as for a gift to your loved ones and business partners.

The main priorities in the work of the online store «IT'S CRAFT»

In our work we adhere to several main directions, which are a priority for us and our customers:

  • Made in Ukraine

Absolutely all the goods in the online store « IT'S CRAFT» are the products of Ukrainian manufacturers. Goods of manufacturers who revive and modernize the cultural heritage in their products are the most valuable for us and for you, our dear customers!

  • Quality Ukrainian raw materials

Almost all products are made from raw materials and materials of local (Ukrainian) origin. Ukrainian masters make Craft products using different natural materials — wood, wool, glass, leather, metal, epoxy resin, ceramics and other natural raw materials.

  • Preserving the ecological balance

The use of natural products for the manufacture of Craft products is an important link in the program to support the ecology of our country. Ecological approach to the production and consumption of such products helps to preserve the ecological balance on the territory of Ukraine.

  • Support for small business

Craft micro-producers are craftsmen, farmers and artisans, designers and artists, sculptors, masters of puppetry, etc. — all these are people who have been able to organize themselves and, reviving the culture of our country, produce environmentally friendly and useful Craft products from local raw materials. They need support because they are unable to compete with entire corporations producing huge batches, cheaper, or and lower quality products.

The mission of our store is not only to support the domestic producer and the economy of our country, but also to reveal talents, revive forgotten technologies and recipes of manufacturing of qualitative national production. We welcome the work of true professionals, as well as young producers who are interested in the history and culture of Ukraine, revive its traditions and promote its best qualities.

Why buy Craft products in the online store «IT'S CRAFT»?

Here are a few arguments why it is advantageous to buy Craft goods in our store.


In the store «This is Craft» you will always find original Craft goods made of natural materials in high quality. The quality of any product is tested by the store's employees, that's why we recommend products that have been tested and we liked them.

Shared basket

Buying products that sells IT'S CRAFT you save on shipping — we have our own warehouses and send products that are always in demand from us, but at the manufacturer's price. So you can get a whole basket of products from different manufacturers and pay for shipping only once. We help you get acquainted with good products, try quality products and save money!


Our store operates using a dropshipping system, giving our customers the opportunity to collect in one order a large basket of products from one or from different manufacturers, paying for them in one shipment. To get the goods from the manufacturer — select the filter «other sellers».

Shipping in Ukraine and abroad

We deliver the goods you choose to all regions of our country — in large cities and small towns, where is Ukrposhta, Nova Post, other courier service. For the residents of Uman offers self-delivery from the store, located at 21 Shevchenko Street.

Support for charitable, cultural and educational projects

Buying on IT'S CRAFT you support not only producers but also educational projects, art exhibitions, artists, publishing of children's books by little-known authors, you support popularization of Ukrainian history and legends, our traditions. You become a benefactor, because we give 50% of our profits to the charitable foundation IT'S CRAFT, which every year implements various projects so that our nation could grow and respect its own roots and at the same time our rich country was known by the whole world.

Buy unique Craft goods in Uman with delivery in Ukraine or outside of Ukraine (for private individuals) offers an online store «IT'S CRAFT». Useful, beautiful and environmentally friendly products from the best masters in Ukraine are waiting for you on the shelves of our store!

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