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Glory to Ukraine — patriotic and charitable goods

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The «Victory Collection» is patriotic souvenirs made of natural materials by artisans in the theme of sovereignty and our victory over the occupiers. These are the perfect gifts for international and national delegations and your partners and colleagues. We are building a country of free, strong and honest people!

IT'S CRAFT sends 10% of the value of the «Victory Collection" goods to the charity fund «IT'S CRAFT» to support hospitals, orphanages and dispensaries in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

You can buy patriotic souvenirs on the website and by phone: +38 (066) 898-2224. Sending by courier throughout Ukraine. Sending to Nova Poshta post offices at our expense!

Craft patriotic souvenirs for family and friends

We are glad to welcome you to the site of handmade, author's products «IT'S CRAFT». In the «IGlory to Ukraine» you can buy patriotic and charitable souvenirs in Ukraine — all created by caring hands of masters from different regions of our homeland. Souvenirs and gifts you can choose from this catalog will decorate the most exquisite interior, will be a great gift to a loved one, a good friend.

Branded distinctions of the «Glory to Ukraine» collection

Each souvenir presented in the victory collection «Glory to Ukraine» is created from natural materials. The theme is very relevant for our country — sovereignty, victory over the invaders. Author's, charity souvenirs will be a wonderful present not only for friends but also for foreign partners, members of international delegations. Souvenirs made with patriotic themes will remain relevant not only now, but also after our victory. Therefore, such a gift will never be overestimated.

A variety of original Craft souvenirs

The most popular areas of the Victory Collection are:

  • woodwork;
  • textile souvenirs;
  • glassware;
  • foodstuffs;
  • jewelry in ethno style;
  • amulet dolls;
  • kitchen utensils;
  • Printing products (notepads, calendars) and more.

The bestseller in the «IT'S CRAFT» store are maps of Ukraine and the world, made of wood. Such souvenirs are created from durable, dense birch plywood, carefully trimmed on the edges. One of the most interesting products is the embroidery map-puzzle, which consists of 25 pieces — regions of Ukraine. Each piece is decorated with an embroidery ornament, specific to that area. Such a map can be embroidered with threads, beads.

Puzzle map can be used in history lessons, geography, as visual material to revive the interest of children in the subject. Also, such a map would be a great opportunity to spend a family evening.

No less original souvenir is a map of the world, made of birch plywood, equipped with a LED strip on the back. In the evening and at night you can use such a map instead of a night light. In the corners there is a compass and navigation symbols.

Laconic, but very symbolic souvenir is a solid wooden map of Ukraine. You don't need to assemble it, but just fix it on the wall. Such a purchase will allow you to visualize your own dreams and let your children learn geography better.

Elegant glassware with themed decoration

The highlight of the «IT'S CRAFT» store collection are the vases and glasses. Their main secret is that they are made from salvaged and recycled bottles. By choosing such a glass, you not only decorate the kitchen interior, but also do a good deed for the environment.

The vases and glasses are decorated with inscriptions: «Russophobia is like a bad habit, only a good one», «Kiev baptized Russia, Kiev will chant», «Ukraine is a place of freedom». All the inscriptions are applied by the method of matting, so they are not erasable.

Warm and soft textile souvenirs

Soft pillows perfectly complement the interior of any style, especially if they are decorated in a patriotic theme. In particular, you can choose a cute pillow created in the form of an elephant of blue color. The ear is made of yellow fabric, decorated with the inscription UA. The filler is hypoallergenic sintepuh, the outer shell is made of cotton fabric. The pillow can be used for sleeping, as an interior element or for children's amusement.

Tasty patriotic souvenirs

Do you or your loved ones love treats? Then you will definitely like the author's milk chocolates with a variety of fillings — hazelnuts, pistachios, cashews, almonds, cranberries. Painting and inscriptions are made with safe dyes. You can choose the inscriptions «Glory to Ukraine», Ukraine, Be brave like Ukraine or order an author's inscription. Chocolates are completely handmade and consist of natural raw materials, so they can be tasted by small children.

Buy «Patriotic Collection» — buy Ukrainian! The «IT'S CRAFT» store sends 10% of each souvenir to a charitable foundation that supports hospitals, orphanages, dispensaries in the occupied territories.