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Manufacturers by regions

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Producers regions of Ukraine offer original products

A number of positive factors can be attributed to the advantages of regional production:

  • access to local resources;
  • reduction of delivery costs;
  • reduction of time for delivery of goods to the consumer, etc.

In addition, regional production of goods in Ukraine contributes to the creation of local jobs and economic development in the region.

The peculiarities of a particular region determine the production of a particular commodity/product. For example, one region may have access to unique local resources or production technologies, while in another region they will not be available. But at the same time there can be problems with delivery of materials and components due to the remoteness from the main production centers, as well as difficulties in finding skilled labor in remote areas.

Online store «IT'S CRAFT» offers to buy products made in different regions of our country. They differ in specifics and purpose, in appearance and finish, the only thing they have in common is high quality and affordable cost. The price of goods from manufacturers in the regions is quite affordable for any of our customers.

Assortment of goods in the online store «IT'S CRAFT»

If we talk about the products presented in our store «IT'S CRAFT», they are made by manufacturers by region.

North of Ukraine

Products manufacturers of the northern region:

  1. Aromatic and delicious wine (in assortment).
  2. Chocolate products (white, milk, black), made in different shapes, distinguished by their original design. Chocolate products include useful and tasty additives (nuts, dried apricots, raisins, coconut, etc.), they are decorated in beautiful and bright packages.
  3. Products made of wood:
  • unusual cots and houses for cats;
  • made in the original design of wooden lamps, designed for the living room, child / adult bedroom, library, office;
  • key holders made of wood, etc.
  1. Original and funny cards for all celebrations.
  2. Hairclips and hair bands and much more.

Southern Ukraine

Among the products of the producers of the southern region you can see:

  1. Hard cheeses of different varieties of local production.
  2. Kherson coffee in beans/ground — environmentally friendly product.
  3. Ceramic dishes (cups) made from local raw materials.
  4. Hydrolates vegetable (thyme, parsley, sunflower, etc.) — a byproduct of the production of essential oils, which contains many useful properties. They are used in cosmetology, aromatherapy, medicine and cooking.
  5. Various cosmetic body care products made with organic raw materials, healing clay, seafood, plants grown under the gentle southern sun and the like.

With a full range of products made by the manufacturers of the southern region of Ukraine, you can find on the website of the Internet-shop «IT'S CRAFT».

Center of Ukraine

Producers of the central region offer:

  1. Wine of different varieties.
  2. Hard goat cheeses of different varieties.
  3. Original gift sets including wine, cheese, dried tomatoes, etc., which can be used as a gift for the holidays or become a table decoration.
  4. Bright and colorful decorative hooks made in the form of heads of animals, birds.
  5. Fruit jams of different varieties.
  6. Cookies, marshmallows and much more.

Visiting the website of «IT'S CRAFT» online store, you can personally see how rich in variety the original products from manufacturers of the northern region of Ukraine.

No less interesting and useful for you will be the goods presented by manufacturers of the western and eastern regions of our country. Such products as Transcarpathian sausages and smoked meats are famous not only in our country, they are known far beyond its borders. Souvenir products are handmade from ecologically pure raw materials from the respective region.

These products are presented in an exclusive design, developed by local designers and made by local craftsmen in the field of cooking, winemaking, dairy, cosmetics and woodworking. Ukraine is rich not only in natural resources, but also talented people who can «create miracles» from seemingly simple materials.

Become the owner of a unique product, buy Kraft goods manufacturers in the regions as a gift to a loved one or a friend you are invited to an online store «IT'S CRAFT». On the site itscraft.com.ua our store you will find the original products in the regions, which will not leave you indifferent.