IT'S CRAFT is a store that collects and popularizes Ukrainian manufacturers and their local craft products in one place. If you create delicious and healthy food and drinks, authentic souvenirs, accessories, health and beauty products, designer interior items and furniture, and exclusive jewellery, then we are ready to cooperate with you.

Terms of cooperation with manufacturers:

1. We are connoisseurs of real, natural and useful things, we value craft and authenticity. Your recipes, technologies and methods should be as ecological as possible.
2. The prices of your products on IT'S CRAFT must be the same as yours - we do not make markups.
3. Option A: We take the goods for sale.
4. Option B: Dropshipping - we advertise products and brands, and when there are sales, we transfer the order to you, and you send the product to the buyer from your own production.
5. The percentage that IT'S CRAFT leaves for operational and social activities is 20% and more.

We will be glad to see your goods and products on the IT'S CRAFT platform. In order for us to get to know you better, please fill out the survey Form and we will call you. The questionnaire has questions about your company, products and terms of potential cooperation.
We comply with the Law of Ukraine on personal data and guarantee that the information provided by you will not be alienated or provided to third parties.

If you want to discuss cooperation:

Victoria Kulakova

About partnership and collaboration
Pavlo Yarmii