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Gift sets of craft products

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Original Kraft food gift sets

Creating a holiday for family and friends is sometimes quite difficult, especially when it seems that all the themes for gifts have already been exhausted. However, sometimes you can choose an option that will give not only joyful, festive emotions, but also useful. Online store «IT'S CRAFT» offers gift sets of Kraft products to buy in Ukraine. These original sets can be either an independent gift or a nice addition to the main item. The main difference of Kraft gift sets is that they consist of products created on local farms according to restored old recipes. Choosing such a gift set, you give not just products, but a sense of belonging to the culinary history of our country.

Features of Kraft gift sets

Store «IT'S CRAFT» develops gift ideas, for friends, loved ones, colleagues or partners. Gifts are offered in different price categories — good sets with wine from 500 UAH, fine gifts with special tastes of wine, sausages, cheeses in the segment of 1000-2000 UAH.

Each set is packed in a wooden box with the logo engraved on the lid. If desired, you can have your company logo or a short congratulation on the lid. Boxes are durable, can easily withstand transportation over long distances, so you can congratulate the person who is far away from you.

All products that make up the gift sets are made from environmentally friendly, safe raw materials. Cheeses — aged or medium-aged for 6 months, meat and sausages — raw. Therefore, the products can easily be transported even in summer without special conditions and refrigerators. Raw smoked and dried sausages are created in special chambers in which the temperature and humidity levels are controlled. after completion of ageing, the sausages are sent for drying until they are completely ready.

Kits for a loved one

A gift set «Second Date» will make your loved one happy, regardless of the time you've already spent together. The set includes:

  • white dry classic «Riesling Riesling» wine;
  • aged cheese from «Generous Neighborhood» or another gourmet option;
  • orange kraft jam with lavender;
  • cherry kraft jam with walnuts;
  • whole wheat flour grissini with sesame seeds;
  • «Rojotoro» beef sausage on red wine.

This combination of products is sure to satisfy the most demanding gourmets.

White Riesling has light fruity tones and pairs well with cheese and sweets. But for the gift set you can choose any other type of wine from the section of Kraft wines.

Gift sets for a large company

If you are going to visit friends who have a large family, it is worth choosing the «All Together» gift set. Such a set includes a bottle of white wine, two top-grade smoked sausages, a jar of sun-dried tomatoes, and confit.

Targoni brand dried tomatoes or Ukrainian dried tomatoes from Andrey Biglenko, which are included in almost all gift sets from «IT'S CRAFT». Pieces of dried tomatoes filled with spices and fragrant oil can be used as a separate snack or a supplement to various dishes. No preservatives are used to create sun-dried tomatoes, as the oil itself is a natural preservative. From the selection of tomatoes, to the drying process, to putting the pieces into sterilized jars, everything is carefully controlled. Sun-dried tomato oil can be used as a ready-made dressing for salads and second courses.

Exquisite kits for candy lovers

If your significant other or friend likes goodies, he or she is sure to love a set consisting of cheese and kraft confit. The specific types you can choose at your discretion. Let's present the most colorful types of jams.

Grapefruit and vanilla — such jam has a bright orange color, very pronounced flavor. Such jam has a slightly bitter taste of grapefruit, complemented by vanilla notes.

Ginger and lemon jam — such product has a delicate, subtle and slightly spicy taste, perfectly suitable for tea. This jam can also be used as a marinade for cooking delicious meat.

Jam from young pine cones has a pleasant pine aroma and a sweet, slightly tart taste. This jam is immune and recommended for those who need to strengthen their strength.

The store «IT'S CRAFT» will always help you to choose the perfect tasty gift.