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Buy interior items made of natural materials from artisans and craftsmen of Ukraine in the online store This is Craft — products made of wood, leather, textiles, ceramics for the home, decorative items made of clay, metal, wood. Choose for yourself or as a gift aesthetic craft items that will give comfort and sophistication to your home and office. Order in retail and in bulk. On This Craft you can buy:

  • author's furniture
  • wooden and ceramic dishes
  • vases
  • candles and candlesticks
  • key chains and hooks
  • lamps
  • textiles — decorative pillows, bags, tablecloths, blankets
  • trays, trays, boards
  • chests, caskets, boxes
  • paintings are painted with oil paints, watercolors, acrylics
  • geographical maps of the world and Ukraine
  • beds for cats.

By buying at Tse Craft, you support the economy of Ukraine, and we donate 50% of the store's profit to the ITS CRAFT charity fund for programs supporting small producers and artists. This is how we develop our country together with you, make a contribution to the future by taking care of ourselves and our relatives today.

Kraft interior items: authorly masterpieces and practical solutions for comfortable and stylish design

A lively interior is pleasing to the eye small things that fill the house with soulfulness and coziness. Therefore, when choosing the design of your home, you should not neglect the details. Kraft items from our store catalog will look especially spectacular in any interior. These are high quality, stylish, functional accessories, which are made of natural materials mostly by hand.

What are the most demanded Kraft items in Ukraine?

The modern owner of a residential home in Ukraine is not limited to basic items. After all, even if a room is furnished with the most expensive furniture, but does not reflect the individuality of its owners, it will never become the epitome of comfort. Provide it with details, such as Kraft interior items. In Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine they are available in many specialized outlets. However, the best choice according to our customers is represented here, at itscraft.com.ua. Here you will find items that harmoniously combine practicality and stylish design, excellent quality and reasonable cost. Among them the most popular are:

  • Decorative cushions, including hand embroidered ones. Their filling is chosen so as to ensure the comfort of sleep. For example, it can even be Carpathian hay. Its aroma will allow a quicker relaxation and a serene sleep. Embroidery, on pillows is lined with amulet symbols. Thanks to this, the atmosphere of the room will be more positive and bountiful.
  • Table lamps are table lamps. Such Kraft interior items can be ordered with a ceramic base. These are original author's products made by masters of arts and crafts. They will fit perfectly into the design of any residential home, office or commercial establishment. Products have a stable base. Also they are equipped with safe electrical wiring.
  • Cat beds for cats. On such a cozy device, your pet will willingly rest, less annoying you around the house. Products are stylish, decorated with taste. Therefore, this accessory will look harmoniously both in the living house and in the landscape design, the mat is small, compact, so it will not take much space. The mat can be removed and washed if necessary.
  • Vases made from spent shell casings. Such accessories, made by the currently relevant principle «to smoke swords into ploughshares». The resulting vase does not even resemble the military style product from which it is made. The accessory is set on one leg of the point, if necessary it can be used as a vase for small flowers, as well as a candlestick.
  • Money Box. Buy Kraft interior items of this type can be used both for personal use and as a gift, for example, for a birthday or wedding. It looks very spectacular, and in operation is characterized by a high level of comfort. The box is wooden, with rounded corners and a sturdy clasp. Despite its external compactness, the box is very capacious.

What are the advantages of Kraft interior items?

  • If you decide to buy custom Kraft interior items from the catalog of our store, you will definitely be satisfied with your purchase. They are distinguished by such advantages:
  • Stylish design. With all their originality, such products correspond to the most modern trends in interior art.
  • Ecological compatibility. Products are made of natural materials, not harmful to the environment and human health.
  • Practicality and usability. Despite its decorative effect, each product presented in the catalog performs a lot of utilitarian tasks.
  • Individual approach to the customer and his needs. If necessary, the design of goods can be complemented and changed, which is agreed with the master.

Some of the benefits that kraft interior items from the catalog of the online store are kraft. The accessories of this type purchased from us will fill your home with coziness and style.