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Community of Creators

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The Community of Creators is a figurative name for the collaboration of craftsmen from different regions, where the co-founder of Tse Kraft, Victoria Kulakova, together with various manufacturers, explores the history and legends of the peoples of Ukraine, develops images based on the culture and traditions of different eras and craftsmen make prototypes of products. The products are sold under the joint brand and trade mark Centaurida. In addition to the products of TM Kentavrida, we also publish books under the Kentavrida programme from the It`s Craft charity foundation, where writers will tell you about our roots in an artistic form.

If you like the products of TM Kentavrida, you will receive not only a vase or earrings, you will get a channel to the stories and legends about the great-great-Ukrainians who lived here, on our land, and who laid the foundations of our worldview.

This is not a fairy tale, because if you delve deeper into the life and beliefs of Trypillia, you will immediately understand how close the identity of a Ukrainian is to that of a Trypillian. We mostly believe in higher powers and the healing power of Nature, we are farmers and gatherers, we would rather negotiate with someone than start a war, and we kill someone only when they violate our borders, most Ukrainians are environmentalists, often look up into the sky and think about the laws of the universe. We love beautiful things, we make beauty with our own hands to make our homes cosy. We honour good hosts, when the house is a full bowl, we honour our family and family ties, we listen not only to what our father says, but also to what our mother says. You will learn this and much more from the articles and products of TM Centaurida.

By purchasing products from the Community of Creators, you support producers all over Ukraine, as well as cultural and research projects! For each product, you will find a leaflet about the collections and products of the masters, where you will find information about other collections and manufacturers, as well as links to articles about our history.

For example, did you know that it was in Ukraine that the first ancient cities were built: when Europe and Mesopotamia did not yet have cohesive settlements with a clear administrative structure, we already had temples of 1200 square metres! Follow this and more in the Community of Creators and in the products of TM Centauri.