IT'S CRAFT is a socially responsible enterprise
We promote products made from natural raw materials, ecological production and business ethics. We find the most interesting products with original methods, recipes and technologies for you, products from local raw materials, art and craft items that revive and modernize the culture and history of Ukraine.

The mission of IT'S CRAFT is to support micro and small businesses: crafters, artisans and artists who work and create in Ukraine.

The social responsibility of the enterprise is implemented by IT'S CRAFT charitable foundation, which purpose is to develop human potential in small communities in the field of creative industries (craft production, handicrafts and art), cultural and socio-economic development, revival and modernization of the cultural heritage of Ukraine. As part of our social responsibility, we finance the projects of local producers through IT'S CRAFT Foundation. The Foundation implements several support programs, which you can familiarize yourself with on the Foundation page.

IT'S CRAFT is a platform for local craft goods.

We value cultural diversity and Ukrainian traditions, ecological consumption, business ethics and creativity.
We respect our national identity and therefore invite local manufacturers and craftsmen to cooperate with us – read the terms of cooperation on the Seller's page.

IT'S CRAFT team is social activists and entrepreneurs. You can get to know us better on the Team page.

Craft in our country is becoming a powerful platform that unites producers of unique and high-quality products from the best craftsmen in Ukraine. Choose craft goods and food products – cheese, wine, sweets, meat, sausages – made from natural raw materials according to unique (ancient) recipes and techniques. Unique technologies for the production of craft products in small batches guarantee their high quality.

We also offer unique in shape and design souvenirs made from natural materials, interior items and cosmetics, and products for maintaining and improving health. You can also buy stylish accessories and gifts for your loved ones and business partners. You can buy all these environmentally friendly products at our «IT'S CRAFT».

What was the reason for creating a craft store?

Ukrainian craft products are high-quality and colorful domestically produced goods that can satisfy the domestic market and add an element of beauty and harmony to it. In addition, the production of Ukrainian products contributes to the economic development of our country, the development of small and medium-sized businesses and private entrepreneurs. Our country has the resources to produce similar high-quality products from domestic raw materials on its own.

Ukraine is an independent and free country that cooperates economically with many countries, so you can see goods made in different countries in Ukrainian stores. But by purchasing imported goods, Ukrainians support the economies of other countries, when in fact our producers are no less talented and capable of making a great quality product. These factors formed the basis of the project – we support the development of craft production, local manufacturers and craftsmen.

To implement this project, we have chosen priority areas:

  1. These are ready-to-eat products with a long shelf life, such as aged cheeses, cured meats, confit and sauces. At the same time, we monitor the composition of the products and do not allow our suppliers to use non-natural ingredients and flavor enhancers.
  2. In this area, we work together with artisans and artists who create unique souvenirs and home items, such as products made of wood, ceramics, wool and glass. Here we offer a wide range of products to meet the needs of our customers.
  3. We strive to provide our customers with original, unique and useful craft products. These are health and beauty products, and they must be natural and unusual.

Another goal of our project is to develop the potential of craft producers, to foster creative ideas and art aimed at reviving Ukraine's cultural heritage and modernizing it. In this regard, we donate 50% of our profits to the This is Craft charity fund for programs that support Ukrainian producers, artists and writers.

A little history: the organization of the online store «IT'S CRAFT»

In March 2020, the This is Craft, a public-social business project that includes a craft store and a charity foundation, was launched. It was initiated in the Kherson region by two enthusiasts, Pavlo Yarmiy and Viktoriia Kulakova, who decided to support Ukrainian craftsmen and craftspeople at a time when our country was also affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.

We opened on May 12, 2020, and operated in Nova Kakhovka until the outbreak of hostilities. In May 2022, we were forced to move from the occupied territory to the Cherkasy region (Uman), losing up to 85% of our suppliers. Since the categories of goods we offer to our customers are always in demand, we were able to build new relationships with suppliers and replenish the categories of goods that are in high demand.

Some statistics

  1. In November 2021, manufacturers (51 entrepreneurs) from all over Ukraine joined our project, offering a total of about 700 different products. New Year's corporate orders yielded up to 50% net profit.
  2. At the beginning of 2023, they cooperated with us:
    • by the end of 2023 - 138 brands;

    • at the end of 2022 - 72 brands;

    • as of May 2022 - 15 brands (relocation from Nova Kakhovka due to the occupation, restoration in Uman);

    • at the end of 2021 - 58 brands.

  3. As of January 2024, our store's assortment already includes 3302 different products, and their number and range is constantly growing due to the addition of new brands.
  4. In Ukraine, there is one central warehouse in Uman and 2 regional warehouses in Ivano-Frankivsk and Uzhhorod, which collect crafts from their region.

Our business has grown, we have increased the number of employees, and our plans for the future include the introduction of our own production in cooperation with craftsmen – ceramists, jewelers and craftsmen. Half of our profits will continue to go to support cultural and educational projects and Ukrainian craftsmen. For this purpose, we have our own fund, which you can find on the website of the «IT'S CRAFT» online store.

Today, the customers of the «IT'S CRAFT» online store are, on the one hand, suppliers, and, on the other hand, buyers of craft products. We work to create the most comfortable conditions for both parties:

  • We are developing the domestic craft products industry;
  • support talented craftsmen and artisans;
  • help meet consumer demand for high-quality and useful products;
  • We participate in supporting the economy of our country.

You can also find feedback on our work and an assessment of our performance on our store website.

We are waiting for you, talented entrepreneurs and manufacturers of craft products! Together we will do everything to make your brand famous and your products available to more customers!